EVM Europe: Plans for 2013

As readers of the 4th edition 2012, Measurable News would be aware from the article “Top Ten Observations for EVM Europe 2012” by the now current Vice President Communications, Mark Phillips, the EVM Europe 2012 Conference held at the University of Twente in the Netherlands was a small but highly successful conference. The EVM Europe Conferences continue to succeed and develop in spite of the ongoing less than favourable economic circumstances in Europe. This reflects the extraordinary commitment of a growing group of Europeans dedicated to advancing EVM (and associated techniques) research and practice in Europe and beyond.

Read the complete article by downloading the press release written by Kym Henderson, CPM Vice President, Research and Standards of the College of Performance Management published in The Measurable News, Issue 1 of 2013. Visit the EVM Europe website for the latest information.
Figure 1. The Measurable News, 2013, Issue 1 (click on this picture to download)

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