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The College of Performance Management is an international, non-profit professional organization dedicated to the disciplines of project management and performance measurement. They assist the earned value professional and project manager in professional growth and promote the application of earned value management. They are a growing body of professionals dedicated to managing projects on time and on budget.

The College of Performance Management have a partnership with EVM Europe (See ”Welcome to EVM Europe: Where research meets practice") and publish the quarterly journal The Measurable News.
?Figure 1. EVM Europe logo (www.mycpm.org)
The Measurable News
Members of the College of Performance Management receive the periodicals The Measurable News. This professional newsletter keeps performance management members appraised of news, techniques and best business practices in the profession and the latest information about the College, its activities, events, services and volunteer opportunities. Many of the topics described and published at PM Knowledge Center have been published in The Measurable News and can be downloaded from www.pmknowledgecenter.com.

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