TMN, Issue 4, 2013: Measuring Schedule Adherence

In this article, published in 2013 in The Measurable News, the p-factor approach which is considered as a novel extension of Earned Schedule (ES) to measure the so-called schedule adherence is discussed. This schedule adherence concept is able to detect project impediments and risk of rework by only using the ES metric. This concept is not very widely known and therefore promoted in this and other articles. Click on the picture below to download the article.
For more information on this concept, the reader is referred to other articles at PM Knowledge Center. The schedule adherence concept has been discussed in the article “Earned Value Management: Measuring schedule adherence”, and more details on its use are given in “Earned Value Management: Schedule adherence and the effective earned value” and “Earned Value Management: Identifying the lack of schedule adherence”.
Figure 1. The Measurable News, 2013, Issue 4 (click on this picture to download)

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