Message to teachers: Integrate PMKC in your PM course

PM Knowledge Center is a free online information source that can be used for teaching Project Management and Dynamic Scheduling at universities, business schools, consultancy trainings, and much more. See how you can integrate PM Knowledge Center in your Project Management courses.


All articles are freely available and can be read and downloaded by everyone at no charge. If you use printed copies for your students, please make sure that the copyright agreement is also printed at the end of each article.


Some articles are linked to quizzes in order to be able to test your knowledge and understanding about the article. All quizzes are freely available and can be accessed after a free registration. Not all articles contain quizzes yet, but more is coming up.

Case studies

Learning by doing is probably the best way to convince your students about the importance of dynamic scheduling in project management. Therefore, PMKC can be used as a background material tool and you can act as a moderator while solving case studies in small groups, in discussion rooms, or wherever. Visit our three case studies at OR-AS. Each case study highlights one aspect of dynamic scheduling. There is one case study for risk management (A), there is one case study for baseline scheduling (B) and there is one case study for project control (C).


Games are used in PM teaching sessions as a way to let the student participate during the classroom session. Our Project Scheduling Game is an ideal tool to discuss network analysis, the critical path method, the earliest/latest start calculations, the concept of activity float and the importance of risk analysis in an active way. PMKC has an article about the game.


Probably the best way to learn how to work with the dynamic scheduling principles is using them in practice on a real project. ProTrack has academic, commercial and demo versions available to let your students translate the articles in a practical setting. Since PMKC is fully integrated in ProTrack 3.0, you can automatically find all PMKC updates at the welcome screen of this software tool. All help files and user hints are intergrated in PMKC to give our users a guidance in the world of dynamic scheduling. Visit our ProTrack website for more information.
For more information on PMKC, visit our welcome article.

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